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BALANCE GLUCOSE, a fiber supplement to naturally control blood sugar, cholesterol & weight - 60 pkt box.


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Maintain your blood sugar level, balance your glucose, and burn down your body fats with this natural Balance Glucose supplement that includes a special amount of fiber. Check your health concerns to get benefit from our other Unicity products.


Balance Glucose will:

  • Support healthy levels of blood sugar, cholesterol lipids, and triglyceride
  • Counteract the action of carbohydrates by the proprietary fiber blend
  • Curb your appetite between meals
  • Balance your blood sugar level, burn your body fat, and lower your cholesterol levels

Product Details

  • Balance Glucose provides weight loss solution and increases your energy while burning fat. You won’t feel hungry or have the need to depend upon excess energy drinks.
  • It includes a special amount of fiber to increase the feeling of fullness after eating.
  • Consuming Balance Glucose 15 minutes before a meal allows glucose included in your meal to be absorbed slowly by the proprietary blend of fiber and polysaccharides.

Suggested Use and Dosage

  • Mix a packet of Balance Glucose with 8 to 10 ounces of water or a compatible liquid. Shake or stir thoroughly and drink immediately. Drink it before each of your two largest two times daily.
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes between drinking the formula and eating your meal.


  • Balance Glucose slows the rate at which food is converted into glucose. It also limits the required amount of insulin. Insulin takes the excess glucose that your body doesn’t use and stores it in the fat cells. Thus, you have more energy in reserve instead of converting the excess glucose into fat.
  • Your body produces glucagon between meals by entering a fat-burning state.  Low blood sugar levels are raised by the breaking down of current fat stores.

The end result is a decrease in weight. 

(U Balance-Glucose was previously named BIOSLIFE SLIM G)


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U BALANCE-Glucose: Get Results Now

(Previously named BIOS LIFE SLIM G)


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Unicity Balance - Glucose



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