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NaturallyBalanceHealth sells Bio-C. Three forms of Vitamin C to promote healthy immune system continuously. 60 tablets. Buy with confidence.

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Always feeling stressed and de-energized? Is your cholesterol level imbalance deterring you from living the life you want? Introducing Bio C, a healthy all-natural supplement with manifold benefits to ease your many health concerns. Try switching your multivitamin for Bio C™.


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How can Bio C benefit you?

Bio C can:

  • slow down oxidation of LDL cholesterol
  • promote a healthy heart health
  • support overall health by boosting your immune function
  • produce collagen for healthy cardiovascular functions

Product Details

  • The main Ingredients in Bio C include 4 forms of vitamin C to maximize its absorption and usage within your body.
  • With Bio C, you are ensured of a constant, high-quality source of vitamin C in your body all day long to support its various needs including the formation of collagen, repair of all body tissues, boosting of the immune system, maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth among many others.
  • Bioflavonoids in Bio C increase the absorption of vitamin C.

Questions usually asked by customers while purchasing Bio C 

Q. Does Bio C™ contains preservatives?
No. Bio C™ is free of all preservatives, sugar, starch, and salt.

Q. Why consume Bio C™ when my multi-vitamin itself contains vitamin C?

A. Bio C™ makes up for the entire nutrients intake that you may be missing while consuming your multivitamin.  The size of a multivitamin tablet limits the amount of the various nutrients that can be included in the tablet. Bio C™ is packed with more Vitamin C. When compared to many multivitamins, Bio C™ is found in a more bio-available form.

Q.? What makes Bio C™ stands out from other forms of vitamin C?
Unlike other supplements, Bio C comes loaded with 4 types of vitamin C which are highly bio-available. These 4 forms of the vitamin work to improve the absorption of vitamin C in your intestinal tract.

Bio C ensures a constant supply of vitamin C to your cells as the 4 forms of vitamin C persist in your body for varying lengths of time. Also, bio?avonoids in the supplement increase the absorption of vitamin C in your body.

Suggested Dosage and Use

Q. What is the right dosage for intake of Bio C™?
A. A daily dosage of 1 Bio C tablet is recommended.

Q. Will my body absorb excess vitamin C when I combine a Bio C with a multivitamin?
A. Your body is tuned to easily void excess amounts of vitamin C as it is water soluble.

Owing to the water solubility of Vitamin C, the body does not store much of it and must be replenished daily.


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Bio - C


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