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Bios 7

$128.00 $110.00

Bios 7 is Unicity’s premier metabolic health product for people that live in a glucose-infused world.

Bios 7 inherited all the benefits of previous Bios Life product , plus additional ingredients that support a healthy microbiome.


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Bios 7 is a patented fiber drink available in packet form. The four known methods of naturally lowering and maintaining cholesterol levels (described below) are included in this fiber supplement.

It is a patented fiber drink, registered in the PDR and clinically proven to lower cholesterol. It does not conflict with statin drugs and has been in use since the early 1990s.

It is also capable of controlling blood sugar levels.

This product is available in an unsweetened canister form.


Bios Life C is the only known, clinically proven natural fiber product that will reduce the risk of c


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