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CM Plex System

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Naturally Balance Health sells CM Plex System. Reduced arthritic joint pain plus increased joint range of motion. 45 softgel and 4 oz.cream. Buy securely.

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  • Patented combination of fatty acids which are cetylated and esterified.
  • Works fast to counter inflammation with a natural approach.
  • Clinically proven to support the flexing of the knee and increased range of motion.
  • Reduce discomfort and temporary pain, clinically proven.


Joint problems and resulting pain bring about the suffering by tens of millions of people. The feeling of wellness depends upon healthy joints. The painful act of walking makes it difficult to feel healthy.

The painful act of walking makes it difficult to feel healthy.
Flexible, strong and agile joints are a requirement for people living a full life. The connective tissue making up the joint structure must provide effective and natural support. The difference in feeling is incredible.

This joint health is supported by CM Plex. It is made up of cetyl esters including cetyl myristate and cetyl myristoleate. These are a proprietary blend. The mobility of the joint is increased when these cetyl esters penetrate and hydrate the joint. Patients with osteoarthritis have experienced greater flexibility of the joints and reduced pain in joints which were inflamed.

CM Plex is provided in the form of softgels and cream. Together they work synergistically. The benefits of the cream are the moisturizing effect while the added ingredients in the softgels provide nutritional benefits.

Both cream and softgels have been studied in patients with osteoarthritis. The pain they experienced in performing exercises that are easy for people who are healthy, was reduced as well as the mobility of the joint along with range-of-motion was improved when taking CM Plex.

Q: Has any research been done on humans involving the CM Plex™ ingredients?
A: Yes. In fact, the clinical study performed on humans, demonstrated remarkable effects, was presented in April 2001 at a major scientific conference.

Q: What foods are high in vitamin C, the nutrient that supports the health of joints?
A: These foods include several fruits and vegetables. They are important because vitamin C is necessary for developing connective tissue in skin, blood vessels, bones, and ligaments. The body cannot produce Vitamin C, therefore, it is essential to adequately supplement your diet with vitamin C.

Q: Will the effectiveness of CM Plex be lost when using it continuously?
A: Joints and bones are structurally active with tissue always being created new and the old replaced. An appropriately healthy diet affects this process. CM Plex, as part of the nutritional component of our diet, will assist the rebuilding of this tissue no matter where our body is in the life cycle.


Take one or two softgels, three times per day with meals.

Recommend taking the two softgels during the first 2-3 weeks and then backing off to one softgel – three times per day.

Apply cream generously onto clean skin and gently massage until cream disappears. Repeat 3 to 4 times daily as necessary.

Use cream and softgels jointly for maximum results.

Q: Can mothers who are nursing or women who are pregnant use CM Plex?
A: It is not recommended that CM Plex is taken by either one as is the recommendation with other supplements.


The 200+ bones in the body are connected by joints. There are three different types of joints: cartilaginous, fibrous and synovial. They are categorized by movability and structure.

The bones of the cartilaginous joints are joined by cartilage. They will slightly move such as the bones of the vertebrae. Joints between segments of the skull are fibrous and cannot move. The synovial
joints can move freely and make up the majority of the bodily joints.

The synovial joints move freely when the touching surfaces of bone are covered by cartilage, lined by a synovial membrane and connected with ligaments. Synovial joints are formed including hinge, pivot,
gliding, socket and ball and saddle.

The flexibility of joints and mobility is lost by people in the millions during their life time. The participation in the daily activities of these people are restricted, and some lost totally. However, the lubrication of the joint adding to the smoothing of the movement of the joint can be provided by
various nutrients such as CM Plex.

The normal formation of tissue in ligaments and bones is supported by Vitamin C, as the vital nutrient. Researchers have identified other supplements with natural ingredients supporting joint health.


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