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Enzygen Plus

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NaturallyBalanceHealth sells Enzygen Plus - an enzyme to aid in the break down of fats, carbohydrates and protein. Promotes digestion. Buy with confidence

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Problems of indigestion can be causing your pain in the stomach, fever, nausea, and change in bowel habits among other concerns. Try Enzygen Plus, a natural supplement with digestive enzymes to aid your health. You can check out our other Unicity products to aid other health concerns.


  • Enzygen Plus comes with an enzyme blend to help break down protein, fat, and carbohydrates to promote more complete digestion.
  • It also contains another proprietary enzyme blend of blue-green algae and CereCalase(TM).
  • It will provide enzymes to convert consumed foods into useful nutrients.
  • The digestion process will be more efficient and proper acidity in the stomach will be maintained.

Product Details

  • Lipase in Enzygen plus help break down oils and fats; Cellulase help break down fibers; Amylase breaks down starches; Lactase breaks down dairy products, and Protease breaks down proteins.
  • The natural digestive enzymes will help break down nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract.
  • Only vegetable derived enzymes are used in the Enzygen Plus product. They stimulate the release of essential nutrients from food that is essential for regeneration all over the body.


  • Enzygen contains lactase. It may actually benefit the lactose-intolerant person by providing the lactase enzyme needed to break down lactose.
  • You can take Enzygen while taking Unicity Balance (previously called Bios Life 2). They work together. However, take Enzygen either one hour before taking Unicity Balance, or 4 hours after taking Unicity Balance to assure complete absorption of both products.

Suggested Use and Dosage

Take one capsule three times daily with food.


Your body’s natural digestive enzyme aids food enzymes to digest.  Several digestive enzymes including protease that breaks down proteins, amylase that breaks down carbohydrates, lipase that breaks down fats and cellulose for fiber are secreted by the pancreas into the stomach and small intestine.

Enzymes are proteins that cause or catalyze a reaction.  Natural digestive enzymes aid break down nutrients that are absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract. Enzymes also speed up or slow down body processes and act as catalysts in metabolism.


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